Middle Grade Programming


CTE Expands to Grades 7 and 8

A provision of House Bill 487 requires school districts to expand career-technical education to grades 7 and 8, beginning with the 2015-2016 school year. The bill also increases minimum enrollment for districts with comprehensive CTE course offerings from 1,500 in grades 9-12 to 2,250 students in grades 7-12.

A school district may request an annual waiver of the middle grade expansion requirement by submitting a board-approved resolution and appropriate documentation to the Ohio Department of Education. In the case of a career center or Joint Vocational School District, each Associate School Board must adopt the resolution.

The approved resolution and all required documentation must be submitted to the Ohio Board of Education by no later than September 30 of the school year for which exemption is being sought.


Teacher Validation for Middle Grade CTE Instruction

The Middle School Validation process for teachers instructing middle school career-technical education courses is now open. The process is available through the STARS professional development system, through the SAFE account of the teacher.

The validation process is free to teachers and must be completed between now and September 30 for the coming school year. Instructions are available here:



Resources for Middle Grade Instruction

 The Ohio Department of Education has posted a comprehensive set of resources to help educators with the expansion of Tech Prep programming into the middle grades. These resources can be found by clicking "Career Tech" under the "Topics" tab on the ODE website at www.education.ohio.gov. The direct web link is http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Career-Tech/CTE-Middle-Grade-Programming.