College Credit Opportunities are Not the Same!



              Advanced Placement


              Requires a third-party assessment, a score of 3 or above for guaranteed University System of Ohio credit upon college enrollment.


              Articulated Credit


              Articulated credit is earned in high school and awarded when the student is accepted at a college that has pre-approved the credit from high school. To be eligible for credit, the high school would have a pre-approved agreement with the receiving college.

              Articulated credit is not recognized on a student's college transcript until that student completes required coursework and subsequently enrolls in a college that is authorized to confer the particular credit. Bilateral  and statewide articulation agreements provide for the awarding of articulated credit upon completion of required coursework and enrollment at the college through which credit is awarded.


              Bilateral Articulation. As the term implies, bilateral articulation agreements govern course equivalency, program-to-program linkages, undergraduate requirements, and the conferring of post-secondary credit between two parties. Since the agreement defines the relationship with a specific institution, there is no guarantee that credits earned subject to a bilateral articulation agreement will transfer to another college or university.

              Statewide Articulation.   Transfer Assurance Guide (TAG) and Career Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG) courses provide students with the opportunity to earn articulated credit that will transfer to any public university in Ohio, not just a single institution (as is the case with a bilateral agreement). Credit is awarded if the student's high school and the receiving college have successfully demonstrated to the Ohio Board of Higher Education that their course content meets the state-established alignment guidelines.

              Ohio's Career-Technical Credit Transfer ((CT)2) policies and procedures guarantee the transfer of applicable credits among Ohio's public colleges and universities and equitable treatment in the application of credits to admissions and degree requirements. Students who successfully complete specified technical programs are eligible to have technical credit transfer to public colleges and universities. This transfer of credit is described in CTAGs, which serve as advising tools that assist students moving from Ohio secondary and adult career-technical institutions to Ohio public institutions of higher education.


              Transcripted Credit

              Transcripted credit appears on a student's college transcript upon successful completion of a post-secondary course from that institution. 

              Dual Enrollment

              Under Dual Enrollment, a high school student is concurrently enrolled in high school and college at the time the student is taking a college course.

              The College Credit Plus (CPP) initiative, which governs dual enrollment in Ohio, awards transcripted high school and college credit for satisfactory completion of a post-secondary course that is taken during high school.  To be offered under CPP, the course must be offered by the college and delivered by an instructor who is qualified to teach at the college level.  Students are awarded transcripted credit upon completion of the course.