Program of Study "How to" Guide

NOTE:  The ODE Career Technical Education CTE-26 web page features a comprehensive, easy-to-follow instruction guide/technical manual for the preparation and submission of 2015 Programs of Study.  Click here to access this document.

A brief overview of the process appears below. 

  • Choose a Program of Study (POS) from your regional partner's site, then download and save the PDF file.
    • NOTE:  If you are using an Apple computer to use this form, you must open it in Adobe Reader, which is available from the default Apple PDF reader.  This is due to the use of JavaScript in the form.  It is recommended that Adobe Reader XI or Acrobat 10+ be used, since they will work the most seamlessly.
  • The first page of the application provides you with several options (note that some applications may be pre-populated for you). When you click on an option, the required fields for that option will be displayed for you to complete.
    • Step 1.  Select the type of pathway programming the district will deliver.
      • Workforce Development (WFD) - NOTE: Select this option for all CTE26 submissions.
      • Job Training Coordination (JTC) or Career Based Intervention (CBI)
      • Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) or Graduation, Reality and Dual-Role Skills (GRADS)
    • Step 2. Select if you will be delivering CTE courses at the middle level grades (6-8).
    • Step 3. Select the primary type of post-secondary partnership the district will use in the Program of Study.
      • Secondary to 2 Year Degree (Associates)
      • Secondary to 4 Year Degree (Baccalaureate)
      • Adult Technical Training/Short and Long Term Certificates
      • Apprenticeship


  • Complete the CTE26 application and 2014-2015 Program of Study. Obtain secondary sign-off on the CTE26/POS Assurance page.
  • Send the completed CTE26 application, with signatures, to your Tech Prep office.  The Tech Prep office will obtain the signature of the College President or designee.  Once post-secondary sign-off is received, the CTE26 application will be returned to you.
  • Submit the completed CTE26 application to the Ohio Department of Education.
  • Have questions? Need local or ODE assistance?  Call your Tech Prep Office.                    
    • Cuyahoga Community College Tech Prep 216.987.4987
    • Lakeland Community College Tech Prep 440.525.7235
    • Lorain County Community College Tech Prep  440.366.4846

Programs of Study

CTE26/POS Template

NOTE:  If you are experiencing difficulty with completing the new CTE26 form, click on the button at the center bottom of the form that reads, "Report Application Technical Problems."  An email message will be sent to the website/form developer and you will be contacted directly.

ODE requests that you address any technical difficulty with the CTE26 form in this manner.

Important Dates

The following timeline governs the CTE26 submission process:

  • Approval is valid for five (5) years.
  • Lead districts must approve or disapprove CTE26 programming applications by March 1.
  • The CTE26 application must be submitted to the Ohio Department of Education by March 15.
  • In the event of a disapproval by the lead district, a district or school may appeal this decision to the Ohio Department of Education by March 15.
  • The Ohio Department of Education will notify the district or school and the lead district of its decision to approve or disapprove by May 15.